Bayonetta 3 introduces a bunch of new features, and one of them is Naive Angel. For those who haven’t heard, Naive Angel takes Bayonetta’s 3 more risqué elements and dials them back considerably, making the game more family-friendly. Obviously this applies to Bayonetta’s violence and sexual innuendo, but it turns out things don’t stop there.


A quick breakdown of what Naive Angel has to offer showcases the various changes made to the game, and as you can see above, PlatinumGames has even seen fit to do away with smoking. The character Rodin, a weapons dealer, is often seen with a cigar in-hand. If you play Bayonetta 3 with Naive Angel turned on, Rodin’s cigar gets changed to an eclair!

Naive Angel is certainly welcome for a lot of players, and there’s no doubt many will use it. That said, I’d think most were looking to block the more Mature-rated imagery, but little tweaks like this will be good for a chuckle along the way.

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1+ y ago

Was a lollipop too phallic. Either way, 4Kids Sanji approves.