A Resident Evil fan film titled Resident Evil: Resurrection is currently in production, and a new teaser has been released via the Residence of Evil YouTube channel. What separates this from other fan films is that the producers actually managed to get some of the cast from the original Resident Evil game’s live action cut scenes. Reprising their roles are Charlie Kaslavsky as Chris Redfield, Greg Smith as Barry Burton, and Eric Pirius as Albert Wesker.

The teaser features all three actors in a story taking place years after the original. They’re clearly attempting an authentic recreation of the acting style from those early Resident Evil games, and on that front it’s just about perfect! The team behind this one is hoping to make a longer, more involved feature with funds from their Patreon page. Stay tuned for more details as production continues.

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1+ y ago

This is one of the most awesome things I've seen this year!