Pokémon GO’s Lead Community Manager Kelsey Danger has reportedly received violent threats regarding a Tweet about a recent in-game bug. In order to fix the bug in question, support for Bluetooth devices had to be briefly disabled. This meant that the Pokémon GO Plus accessory was not working for a small window of time, affecting players who made use of the device.

In their now deleted tweet, Danger said the change was “interesting” and noted that it would necessitate a play style adjustment for anyone used to using the Plus device. Unfortunately, some followers took this sentiment the wrong way, seeing it as insulting towards players who had lost their Bluetooth capabilities. Danger later apologized for the remark, then deleted the Tweet altogether after receiving violent threats via email.

Sadly, Danger also notes that this type of experience is “pretty typical” for people in their position. Hopefully, by talking about it openly we can work toward being a better, friendlier community in instances like this. See the tweets in question below.

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Sad to hear people were sending him violent threats. It’s one of the terrible things about the internet and anonymity. I bet they wouldn’t speak like that to his face. I personally think he should have kept the tweet up there. It’s his account and he shouldn’t let people get to him. Regardless, it’s good to have people like him supporting the Pokémon Go community.