Check out a video tour of Nintendo's original HQ, soon to be a hotel

Will they leave a game cartridge on my pillow?

26 March 2022
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In 1889, Nintendo’s original headquarters was located in Kyoto, Japan. Now, that building is re-opening as the Marufukuro hotel. That’s right, as of Spring 2022, you’ll be able to sleep in the building that once housed the original staff behind Nintendo’s Hanafuda playing cards, and more!

YouTuber ‘Paolo fromTOKYO’ was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the hotel before its grand opening to the public. Since for most of us outside of Japan, making those travel arrangements can be expensive, this might be your best chance to check it out! Watch the video above to see if any remnants of the original design and theme have been retained for this new endeavor. You can also visit the hotel’s official site to book a stay!

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