If you pay close attention to game music, you might recognize the name Yasunori Mitsuda. Mitsuda is quite prolific in the game music scene, having created tunes for Chrono Trigger, and more recently, the Xenoblade trilogy. It’s hard to imagine anyone not being satisfied with Mitsuda’s work, but apparently Nintendo sent him back to the drawing board multiple times for Mario Party.

Mitsuda revealed on Twitter that he took on composing duties for Mario Party as a freelance gig. The game’s music director requested songs that had a jazz feeling to them, so Mitsuda got to work. This led to tons of demo songs being completed and turned down. What was the issue with Mitsuda’s work? It turns out the music director wanted big band jazz instead of straightforward jazz. If only Mitsuda knew from the start, he wouldn’t have had his heart broken so many times!

According to Mitsuda, he put together nearly 200 songs for Mario Party that were scrapped. As to what happened to those demo tunes, your guess is as good as ours! You’d have to think some pieces/parts of them have made it into other games over the years.

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1+ y ago

Classic case of the client not articulating their requirements clearly.