Nintendo and LEGO have been partnered up for a couple of years now, which has given us all sorts of official LEGO Super Mario characters and playsets. While all of these releases have a theme, both Nintendo and LEGO have pushed fans to uses these parts to build their own amazing creations. It seems like LEGO superfan Brandon Jones took that message to heart.

Jones has taken a collection of traditional LEGO and official Super Mario LEGO to create an absolutely ginormous tribute to all things Mario. The creation (seen in the video above) features 14 motors for enemy and character movement, and over 12,000 LEGO to build out the stage. The end result is nothing short of amazing.

If you’d like to see this mammoth setup in person, you’ll be able to catch it at a few LEGO-related conventions in the future. Brandon will be carting the entire piece with him to do a bit of a tour, but after that round of stops, Jones plans to kick back and relax. After all the work he put into this creation, we don’t blame him!

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1+ y ago

That is cool. I’d love a LEGO level set in the style of SMB1 or SMW that is a long start to end level.


1+ y ago

I love all the details and the colors are great. The movement is really hidden in the colors and gears also. Neat seeing behind and all that it takes to make the magic happen.