Today’s Indie World Showcase revealed that Venba comes to Switch in Spring 2023.

Venba is coming to the Nintendo Switch, a wholesome narrative cooking game about an immigrant South Indian family moving to Canada in the 80s. You’ll be able to cook many authentic recipes and listen to a soundtrack inspired by Indian musicals while helping this family get accustomed to their new life. Venba will be available on Switch in Spring 2023.

Venba from Visai Games: Get a taste of this wholesome narrative cooking game set in the 1980s, in which you’ll help an Indian mother, who has recently immigrated to Canada, reconnect with her heritage by cooking a variety of mouth-watering South Indian dishes. Experience a story of love and loss through branching conversations, try to restore lost family recipes and bop along to a soundtrack inspired by Indian musicals. Venba comes to Nintendo Switch in spring 2023.

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