Rogue Legacy 2 available on Switch later today

Build your own legacy

09 November 2022
by quence 0

Today’s Indie World Showcase announced that Rogue Legacy 2 comes to Switch later today.

The sequel to the acclaimed roguelike game Rogue Legacy 2 has been announced for Nintendo Switch. Featuring multiple new classes, weapons, powerups, and new runs every single time, you’ll have lots of new tools to ensure your legacy. This version also includes the Fabled Heroes update. You’ll be able to play it on Switch later today!

Rogue Legacy 2 from Cellar Door Games: Anyone can be a hero in this sequel to the beloved roguelite game where the adventure changes with every playthrough. Whether you’re a lute-playing bard with vertigo, or a colorblind knight, your goals are the same – gather countless riches, build up your castle and ensure your legacy. All your upgrades carry over to your heirs and each new successor wields their own personal traits and abilities. The Nintendo Switch version also includes the Fabled Heroes update, adding a ton of new content, including dozens of new sub-classes and items. Rogue Legacy 2 launches on Nintendo Switch later today.

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