Siralim Ultimate coming to Switch December 2, 2022

More monsters to catch!

12 November 2022
by quence 0

A new listing on the Nintendo eShop indicates that Siralim Ultimate will be available on the Switch on December 2, 2022. A follow-up to Siralim 3 from Thylacine Studios, this is an RPG featuring lots of dungeon crawling and monsters to collect and battle with. There are over 1,200 monsters that can be fused together in different ways, among other features that promise plenty of replay value.

Siralim Ultimate will be available December 2, 2022 for $19.99. Click here to find the eShop listing or see below for the game’s official trailer and description.

Siralim Ultimate is a monster-catching, dungeon-crawling RPG with a ridiculous amount of depth. Summon 1200+ creatures and explore randomly generated dungeons to find rare loot.


  • 1200+ creatures to collect
  • Fuse your creatures together - the offspring inherits its parents’ stats, traits, and even the way they look!
  • Randomly generated dungeons spanning 30 unique tilesets
  • Customize your castle with thousands of different decorations
  • Engage in strategic 6v6 battles
  • Craft Artifacts and Spell Gems for your creatures
  • Choose from one of 40 specializations for your character and earn perks that change the way your creatures fight in battle
  • Insane amount of post-story content that will keep you engaged for thousands of hours (yes, really!)

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