Police officer fired after attempting Pokémon card scam

A Team Rocket undercover agent?

14 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

William C. Knight is no longer a police officer following an attempt to scam a store out of $400 worth of Pokémon cards.

The ex-officer was at a retail store where he went to the self-checkout aisle with some Pokémon cards. Knight scanned the cards, but a security guard became suspicious and approached. At this point, Knight said that he had to leave the store due to a “call.”

Turns out the security guard’s suspicions were spot-on, as Knight later admitted he removed bar codes from items he had at home, and then placed those codes on the Pokémon cards in order to get them at a cheaper price. All in all, Knight stole $394 worth of Pokémon products.

Knight has now lost his Kansas police license and was charged with one count of an unlawful act involving a theft detection shielding device, which is a felony.


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Comments (2)


1+ y ago

$400 "worth" of paper cards. He must be absolutely kicking himself, a a career ruined for next to nothing.


1+ y ago

Steal a few cards…fired. Do a lot lot worse….suspended with pay. ‘Murica!!