Nintendo has shared some screenshots on their official Twitter account, giving players a peak at a few of the locations within the world of Nintendo Switch Sports.

The area is called SPOCCO Square and replaces the beloved Wuhu Island setting of Wii Sports Resort. Judging by the looks of it, the art design fits in well with slightly newer direction this followup to Wii Sports is taking.

Nintendo Switch Sports releases on April 29th with six sports immediately playable: Bowling, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Badminton, and Swordplay. Golf is set for a return as free DLC in the fall.

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sonic guy00

2y ago

Man i really wish they had kept it Mii centric and had it on Wuhu island, but then again thats probably my nostalgia talking haha

Heres hoping Wuhu island will make a comeback in the Mario Kart Booster Pass!


2y ago

It would be nice if they included Woohoo Island in there somewhere. What I'm concerned about though is the use of the leg attachment and how required that is since that would be a problem for me.


2y ago

I wished golf was included in the release day.
That sport is the main reason I desired so much for it to come to Switch.


2y ago

That is a silly name.

But I guess "Wuhu" is also a silly name.