UPDATE: As many suspected, every single issue of Nintendo Power has been removed. We don’t know the reason for removal, but it’s likely Nintendo made the request. You can see our original post on the topic below.

Nintendo Power saw its first issue release all the way back in July/August 1988, and it continued on up to December 2012. Throughout that run, Nintendo released 285 issues of Nintendo Power, leaving an unforgettable mark on the minds of you Nintendo fans the world over.

While Nintendo Power lives on today as an official Nintendo podcast, the magazine itself has been dead for over a decade. Rather than letting the publication get lost to time, a Nintendo Power fan has put in the hard work to archive all 285 issues of Nintendo Power for all to enjoy online.

For Nintendo fans, there’s no better time capsule than Nintendo Power. Diving into these archived issues will no doubt cause a rush of nostalgia for many, while also showing newcomers what the simpler times were like. While we’ll never go back to the days when print media dominated the news, it’s still nice to visit!

You can find the archive of every Nintendo Power issue here. Nintendo usually squashes these things, so stay tuned for the inevitable removal confirmation.


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Previously there was an attempt to do this, but unfortunately the NPs contained comics that got reprinted for selling at retail. I don't know if this new attempt omits the now retail comics. Guess we'll see what NoA does soon if anything.

I don't really put stock at this new attempt surviving since a SM64 Japanese player's guide that was archived ended up DMCA'd.

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1+ y ago


I wouldn’t be surprised if Viz also did that because they have the license for the comics.