A couple months back, Ed Sheeran dropped his new song Celestial, which is an official collaboration between himself and The Pokémon Company. In fact, it’s so official that the song is featured in the end credits of the newly released Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Unfortunately, it sounds like not everybody is an Ed Sheeran fan, as one of the very first mods shared online for the games goes out of its way to remove his song from the credits.

The mod serves no other purpose than to remove this new song, so apparently that’s very important to some people! In place of Celestial, the track Butterfly plays, the opening theme from Digimon Adventure tri (which may be considered blasphemous by some players).

If you don’t plan on installing this mod, and you DO want to hear the Ed Sheeran Pokémon collab, check out the official video below.

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1+ y ago

Childish much?
*This is here cause I need 20 characters.*


1+ y ago

Coming back to this since I've beaten the game.

I think the song fits the ending of the game very well. I can't really fathom how people can hate an artist so much that they disregard context entirely and hate the song based on that alone.