Platinum's Hideki Kamiya may be teasing a follow-up to Bayonetta 3

"Unexpected developments are waiting"

19 November 2022
by quence 1

Bayonetta 3 has only just been released, but of course fans are already wondering about a Bayonetta 4. In a new fan Q+A feature with the game’s supervising director Hideki Kamiya, it seems he may be implying that more is in store for us.

Roughly translated, the fan question reads, “Kamiya-san - Thank you for again for your hard work! I hope that Bayonetta 4 will introduce attractive, new characters and that Bayonetta will play an even bigger role!”.

Kamiya’s cryptic response was: “I think that unexpected developments are waiting … please look forward to it …”

While this is hardly a confirmation of anything, Kamiya does seem to be implying that there’s more Bayonetta on the way. Whether that comes in the form of a Bayonetta 4 or something else, we can’t say for sure just yet. Even if this is anything to go by, any follow-up game will almost certainly be years away, so for now, it’s probably best just to continue enjoying Bayonetta 3!

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1+ y ago

Considering the game ends with a to be continued in a new generation, whether that means a new hardware generation or passing the batton to a new Bayonetta...

Then there's the secret chapter that also ends in a to be continued(?).