Justice Sucks updated to Version 1.0.9

This update doesn't suck

19 November 2022
by quence 0

Justice Sucks has been updated to Version 1.0.9 on Nintendo Switch. This update for the comedy stealth action game includes numerous technical enhancements, quality of life improvements and bug fixes. See below for the complete patch notes.


  • Improved the appearance of the security camera vision indicators
  • Rotated some tutorial maps
  • Improved camera sequences for “Sexy Punch” and “Sexy Slam” abilities
  • Improved animation for blinded enemies
  • Added more animations for the main menu background
  • Added new animations for the cat attack and cat idle
  • Improved vision indicator for the Rogue enemy to show that they can see Dusty in stealth mode
  • General fixes/improvements for the boss fight
  • Improved scoring for some missions

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where repeatedly restarting a mission would cause the game to freeze/crash
  • Fixed issue where some traps weren’t correctly dealing damage to enemies
  • Fixed issue where the “Robo-Ram” tutorial could be ended without having correctly used the ability
  • Fixed issue where the “Repair” ability didn’t repair all the traps in the indicated effect radius
  • Fixed typo in one tutorial dialogue
  • Fixed issue where enemies weren’t being pulled into the shower trap completely when activated
  • Removed unintended smoke effect in the background of the “Sexy Punch” ability
  • Fixed issue where the “Smol Enemies” mutator wasn’t adjusting the enemy’s vision indicator accordingly
  • Fixed issue where spawning too many puddles caused the game to freeze/crash
  • Fixed issue where enemy path lines were showing incorrect routes

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