If you’re familiar with Nintendo’s Japan-only RPG Mother 3, you’ve probably also seen its logo, in which the letters are made up of a mixture of metal and wood. Well, have you ever wondered where exactly that wood texture came from? No, you haven’t? Regardless, one very determined fan with the handle @PineappleCarl3 on Twitter discovered exactly that:

As you can see, the photo appears to be of a tree with wood that is a very near, if not perfect match for the wood texture used in the Mother 3 logo. PineappleCarl found the photo by delving through an online Japanese library of textures and images. Although he was unable to locate the photos used for the peeled wood and rings in the logo, the hunt may continue with any other fans willing to pick up where he left off.

Is this the most specific, esoteric piece of Earthbound/Mother trivia there is? While we can’t be 100% sure this is the true source photo without confirmation from Nintendo, it’s still an impressive discovery. Now, if only we could discover a release date for Mother 3 in the US…

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