Roughly 10 days ago, the Pokémon Co. pushed the Pokémon TCG Live limited beta out worldwide. Now millions of players are giving the limited beta a shot, as the days of Pokémon TGC online are numbered. Unfortunately, some players have noticed a rather big and equally disappointing discovery with how Pokémon TCG Live handles code cards.

With Pokémon TGC Online, you would get 10 digital cards for every booster pack code you put into the game. Over in Pokémon TCG Live, that number has been cut in half. Now typing/scanning in your code will gift you 5 digital cards, which is quite a big difference from the old output.

Kotaku talked to the Pokémon Co. to see why this decision was made, and you can see their full response below.

“For mainline Pokémon TCG expansions such as Sword & Shield [and] Silver Tempest, each code card is designed to yield five cards in Pokémon TCG Live, which helps reduce the rate at which non-foil common and uncommon cards are obtained.”

[The Pokémon Company]

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1+ y ago

If it only affects commons and uncommons, then it’s a nothingburger of a change. I’ve played enough digital TCGs to know how fast those pile up. But this is Kotaku, so nothingburgers are the order of the day everyday.