I honestly don’t care how long a movie is. As long as I’m enjoying a film, I’ll gladly sit there for 3+ hours. That said, I can certainly recognize that there’s something to be said for shorter films. If you happen to be a fan of brisk cinematic experiences, the upcoming Mario animated movie should be right up your alley.

The Cinepolis theater chain may have accidentally leaked the Super Mario Bros.: The Movie’s run time, thanks to a listing on their website. If you look up the film in their database, you’ll get a listing that clearly shows the movie as being just 85 minutes long. It’s not often we see a film clock in at under an hour and a half nowadays!

Just to be clear, this is one theater chain that shows this listing. Nintendo and Illumination haven’t made a peep about the film’s length, so don’t consider this official by any means. Hopefully we’ll get more specifics in the near future.

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6M ago

Hmmm. It’s rare That cinepolis gets those listing wrong.
However, right now , they list Avatar: The Way of Water as being 0 minutes long! So i hope its a mistake and the Mario film is actually longer.



6M ago

Would be somewhat disappointing, but I would prefer a tightly made 85 minute film to a 2 hour one packed with unnecessary filler. Having finally watched Sonic 2 recently, I can say it would have benefited from cutting out a good 10-20 minutes at least (e.g. most of the stuff in Hawaii).

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6M ago

I can believe a kids movie is that short. No separating/converging storylines. Simple and to the point. Executed well? We'll see.


6M ago

That's rather short, even for an animated feature. Oh well, hope it is a good 85 min!


6M ago

The usual runtime for an animated movie is 90 minutes, and 85 isn't very far off from that. It's still plenty of time for a good movie. Dumbo was only 64 minutes long.