Shovel Knight Dig devs react to 28 minute speedrun

That's some very fast digging

26 November 2022
by quence 0

Speedrunner DanTheVP recently got through the entirety of Shovel Knight Dig in just 28 minutes. IGN gathered Celia and Woz from Yacht Club Games together to watch the speedrun for themselves and comment on it as it goes. Watch the full video above to see what they think! Then, you can check out Shovel Knight Dig for yourself on the Switch eShop and see how quickly you can manage it.

Shovel Knight Dig, the latest from acclaimed developer Yacht Club Games and Nitrome, has only been out for a few months, and speedruns for the game have been astonishing to watch. While most of us were still in the process of dusting off our digging tools, Shovel Knight superfan DanTheVP has already figured out how to finish the True Ending of the game in a blistering 28 minutes. So ride along with Celia and Woz from Yacht Club Games as they witness this incredible feat.

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