Gizoku Tantei Nosuri gets more info about its system and bonus modes

The game is out in Japan on December 22nd

01 December 2022
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Gizoku Tantei Nosuri, a visual novel spin-off of the Utawarerumono franchise, was recently announced for Switch, and the Japanese website has just released a wave of new information. You can check it out in English thanks to Gematsu’s translation below:


Take on the role of protagonist Haku and talk to other characters to advance the story. Depending on the choices you make in conversation, the story will branch out and lead to different conclusions.

Investigation Parts

During Investigation Parts, select the items and questions that appear on-screen to advance the story. As the conversation unfolds, you may uncover important new information that serves as a clue for further investigation.

Physical Pat-Downs

As Investigation Parts progress, you will also conduct a physical pat-down of the character you are questioning. By performing a pat-down, you may be able to uncover new evidence and items.

Deducation Parts

During Deduction Parts, Detective Nosuri will present her deductions in front of everyone based on the information she has gathered. The player can review Nosuri’s deductions to make sure she did not make a mistake, and in some cases make corrections by consuming the energy gauge.

Bonus Modes

These modes are unlocked after clearing the game.

Character Gallery / Studio Mode

Viwe the 3D models of the characters that appear in the game, line up several 3D characters alongside each other, and take simple diorama-esque screenshots.

You can change each character’s facial expression, pose, and direction.

Short Stories

Enjoy each character’s short stories that occur during the main story.


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