Super Nintendo World is opening at Universal Studios Hollywood in early 2023, and we can hardly wait! In the lead-up, there’ve been plenty of glimpses inside the park while it’s under construction, but now a the park’s full map and layout appears to have been leaked.

Shared by @CygnusParkYT on Twitter, this is purported to be a “map asset” for Super Nintendo World, meaning this would be one layer of a larger, more complete map. Presumably, the final version would include some text overlays and other icons. Check it out in full via the tweet below.

The map looks to be inspired by both modern and retro Mario titles for its aesthetic. If you look closely, you’ll find Peach’s Castle at the entrance, areas for the Mario Kart and Yoshi rides, and other attractions.

This leak is said to have come from an app update, but Universal Studios hasn’t confirmed whether or not this image is official. It does seem to align with what we’ve seen of the park so far, and looks great too! For now, you’ll have to stare at it and imagine the adventures you could have exploring the park in the near future…

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1+ y ago

I feel like it should be noted that the Yoshi ride that in mentioned in the article above is NOT going to be part of Super Nintendo World in Hollywood. It is only in the Japan and Florida version.