Cuphead + Gecko Crossover Ad Is a Real Knockout

An Appetizer for the Last Course

30 March 2022
by kissmyflapjack 3

In a crafty crossover, GEICO’s Gecko character teams up with Cuphead in an advertisement recently posted to their YouTube channel.

Watch the 30-second video below!

The Cuphead game has been a smashing success across multiple platforms and has even spawned a successful Netflix series. The DLC story, The Delicious Last Course, is set to launch on Nintendo Switch in June.

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Comments (3)


2y ago

what the hell? Why is this a thing


2y ago

I'm sure I'm not the only person whose mind immediately went to Gex on seeing this thing.


2y ago


Gex and the Geico gecko probably know each other, right? They must have hung out before...or at least come across each other at parties!