We’re still waiting on the official opening of Super Nintendo World in the states, but over at Universal Studios Japan, the park is open for business. Every corner of the land seems to be teeming with Nintendo Easter eggs, and now we’ve got a close look at just one of those small details. In a video shared by Kevin And Cat on YouTube, the secret of how Bob-ombs are created and assembled in the factory is revealed.

Using a mix of screens with CG animation and real-life props, this area creates the illusion that you’re watching an assembly line of Bob-ombs. They’re outfitted with legs and a wind-up key, before presumably being sent out into the world on a mission to destroy Mario. Actual life-size Bob-omb models can be seen in the foreground, along with a Bullet Bill lurking in the back.

It’s great to see little details like this bringing the world of Mario to life! We’ll have to wait and see if this cute little section makes its way over to the Hollywood or Orlando parks, or if it’s a Japan exclusive.

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