We’ve got not one, but two different bits of Kirby merch news to share today, and it starts off with a new release from First 4 Figures.

First 4 Figures is no stranger to Kirby statues, but it appears they can’t get enough. The company has just revealed a new ‘We Love Kirby’ 4-inch mini metal statue. The cute little statue even comes with a Premium Deluxe Box. If this release tickles your fancy, you’ll be able to snag a pre-order come Dec. 20th, 2022. There’s no word on pricing at this time.


Along with that comes the announcement of a Kirby: Right Back At Ya HD Remaster box set. For those who don’t remember, Kirby: Right Back At Ya was a cartoon series that started in 2001 and aired around the world, releasing 100 episodes throughout its 3-year run.

Japanese Kirby superfans can now lock in a pre-order for the Kirby: Right Back At Ya HD Remaster, which includes 10 Blu-ray discs with all 100 episodes. You’ll also get bonus footage, storyboards, a special booklet, an acrylic calendar, and more. This release is priced at roughly $362, and releases in Japan on March 14th, 2023.

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1+ y ago

I've been asking for that set for a while now, GIMME!