Everyone loves an HD remaster of a classic game, but Nintendo isn’t always so keen to re-release their older titles. Now, a modder with the handle of AndratVA has decided to take matters into their own hands, creating a fully HD texture mod for Mario Kart 64. This mod is a texture pack that brings the iconic kart racer into high definition with more vibrant colors and character models.

In order to try this mod out for yourself, you’ll need to have a Mario Kart 64 rom downloaded on your PC. Nintendo is famously not a fan of fan-made projects like this. However, since this is a texture mod that doesn’t include the actual game, it’s unlikely they’ll have it removed. Check out the official trailer above to see how it looks in action. Click here for more info and download instructions.

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1+ y ago

This mod makes it look like how I remember it looking back in the day. I wish Nintendo did this sort of thing with the N64 games on NSO.


1+ y ago

Fans do what NintenDont