Earlier this year, the Japanese development team at novamicus and the publishers at NEXTON announced the publisher’s upcoming 30th-anniversary project, ONE. At the time, not many details were known about the project, aside from the fact that it’s a romance-driven visual novel game.

Today, more details have been revealed, including its planned Winter 2023 launch on Nintendo Switch. Along with this, a short new teaser trailer has been released which shows off some artwork and music for the game. This teaser mainly focuses on the romanceable Misaki Kawana, and you can check it out above!

Portraits of several other characters can be seen as well, along with some animated artwork of them. A couple of background shots are also included that show off the game’s overall art style. Music is featured throughout the teaser too, and it’s safe to assume this will be included in the title when it releases next year.

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