You might remember some months ago that a job listing popped up at Bandai Namco for a 3D action game remaster that was tied to Nintendo. It appears another job listing for that game has just popped up, although it doesn’t really give us any new details.

Bandai Namco has posted a job listing for a planner to work on a 3D action game with/for Nintendo. Just like last time, we don’t get any specifics on what the game is, or really any concrete details. That said, it does seem likely this job is tied to the same 3D action remaster mentioned in April 2022.

Finally, as a reminder, we don’t know what platform this project is for either. Normally we’d suspect Switch, but there’s no mention of Switch on this job listing or the previous one. We’ll keep scouring Bandai Namco’s job listings to hopefully glean specifics in the near future.


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1+ y ago

I wonder if it's Kid Icarus: Uprising.