Some players are looking for a real challenge; some even think that most games out there are too damn easy – FusionPlay and PlayHeart Games have a solution for these pain-seeking enthusiasts:

pixelBOT EXTREME! is a retro side-scrolling shooter with an intense difficulty level and an unique color-based shooting system. Players run, slide and fly through 25 hand-crafted levels, while shooting enemies with color-coded weapons. Red enemies can only be defeated with red rockets, green enemies with green ones, and so on. The gameplay feels like a mixture of a traditional shoot ‘em up and a rhythm game where you need to press the right button for the right tone at the right moment.

FusionPlay just announced that pixelBOT EXTREME! is coming to Nintendo Switch on January 25th. Finding a new home on the Switch makes the game portable and easier to play with a friend. Local coop supports two players and is not automatically less challenging than single-player. As the colored rockets are split up between the two players, they really need to play as a team to survive the bullet hell.

pixelBOT EXTREME! Can now be wishlisted in the Nintendo eShop and will be available for $9.99 on January 25th.


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