Pokémon fans have been eagerly anticipating the final appearance of Ash, which will take place over the course of a special 11 episode mini-series. That series will begin airing next week in Japan, and now we have some new details on what we can expect to see.

It seems that in addition to Ash and Pikachu sharing their final adventures together, we’ll be seeing the return of more familiar favorites as well. Classic characters Brock and Misty will show up, as well as Cilan from the Black and White series. Misty will appear in the second episode titled “Ash vs. Misty! Duel on the Coast”, and Brock will be in the third episode titled “Witch of the Forest”. This will be their first time reuniting with Ash since 2002.

See the new trailer above for a look at the new episodes, plus the new theme song, “Aim to Be a Pokémon Master”. Stay tuned for news on when these episodes will be available in English.

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