Mortal Shell was recently released on Switch with a complete edition, including some bonus DLC content. The game was released a couple years back on PC and other platforms, so how does the Switch version fare?

Digital Foundry is here to give their usual thorough analysis of Mortal Shell and answer any technical questions you might have. While there are some bright spots, it sounds like this version doesn’t compare favorably overall, as Digital Foundry calls it “ambitious” but “blighted by poor performance”. You can watch the full, in-depth feature above, or check out some of the highlights of its performance below.

  • 720p docked (reconstructed from between 540p and 600p)
  • 720p portable mode (also reconstructed from between 360p and 400p)
  • Tends to hit between 15 and 40 frames per second, sometimes as low as 10 or as high as 60
  • There are occasional frame rate drops and other hitches in busier areas
  • Missing effects from other versions, such as reflections, water ripples and depth of field, but retains motion blur, fog, and others
  • Load times competitive with other versions

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1+ y ago

I was reading the report on Eurogamer earlier. Just a snippet, "once again we're faced with software that's dying for a Switch successor to run it well. And thanks to its unlocked frame-rate, it'll be a great title to test, if and when new hardware appears - assuming back-compat works and boosts performance. As it is though, while the visual cutbacks are expected next to PS4, the resulting frame-rate on Switch simply isn't good play and enjoy the experience developer Cold Symmetry has created, there are far better versions out there to check out"

I don't and wouldn't buy any of these ports on Switch. On a new Switch model? Very possibly, depending upon specs and performance.


1+ y ago

I don’t buy any AAA ports/multiplat on Switch, unless they are stellar like Doom 2016, Grid Autosport or Nier: Automata. The Switch is still perfect for new 1st party stuff and indie games.

Switch 2 is inevitable one day, and games like this one will surely run well on that. Until then, I’m happy to patiently wait, and watch Nintendo kick butt by making an underpowered console last 7 years or more.