Megalodon is releasing a brand new computer keyword which is designed to resemble a Nintendo Switch. Called the Megalodon Console 64 Keyboard, it features two JoyCon-like sides, which you can see above in the classic launch colors of red and blue. Unfortunately, while the keyboard does include Switch-style buttons and joysticks, they aren’t actually functional, and it does not have any special Switch functionality. Instead, it’s just a fun design inspired by Nintendo’s latest console.

Click here to pre-order one of these keyboards for $198. (That high price point is due to some high-end bells and whistles, although you will need to provide your own keys.) The expected ship date is April 28, 2023. See below for the official description.

Megalodon is at it again with yet another whimsical keyboard that merges two hobbies: gaming and Mech Keys. Modeled after Nintendo’s latest handheld console, the Console 64 Keyboard looks like it’ll help play Zelda, not type on a computer. That’s because the acrylic and aluminum chassis features right- and left-hand margins that contain knobs, buttons, and even a joystick to… switch things up. The keyboard part itself features gasket mounting for a modern, satisfying feel, and the PCB is QMK/VIA compatible with south-facing RGB LEDs for even more visual appeal. There’s even a small, circular screen on the top right of the Console 64 to display a small amount of macro information for even more control while you’re typing. Pick up the Console 64 Keyboard in iconic Nintendo red and blue, soy, white, or yellow/pink colorways for a game-changing experience that will fit any style.

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