The sailing adventure game Sail Forth has been updated to Version 1.2.3 on the Switch. This update also adds in all the enhancements from Version 1.2.0, which was previously released for other versions of the game. The update includes numerous bug fixes and quality of life improvements. See below for the full patch notes.

Version 1.2.3

Additional Main Story Guidance

  • In Chapter 2, Kreb Shells can be brought to the Researcher who will then reveal the ‘Mondopiner’ location
  • In Chapter 3, destroying the first Tekk Clan Tower will yield a Mag Fragment detailing a ‘power source’ that was found in the Blight Sea, revealing the boss location
  • Tekk Clan Tankers will sometimes also drop the same map fragment
  • In Chapter 4, after exploring at least 4 locations, speaking to the Researcher will trigger a quick dialog where they say they’ve found traces of Deadrock nearby, and ping the Boss location
  • Map fragments in Chapter 4 sometimes will reveal the boss location
  • The ‘Blight Sea’ and ‘Mondopincer’ locations had their bounds expanded to make them easier to locate via pure exploration

Leader Recruitment

  • Ensure all recruitment ‘search for item’ type quests reveal the location they are assigned to, to avoid confusing situations where one is put in a place you haven’t found it
  • Fixes to the final portion of the Croaker recruitment quest line, which should fix any issues people were having getting stuck in the Frogghammer battle
  • Add Map Fragment pointing to the key story location in Pine Peaks, found by looting Barnacle ships
  • Fix issue causing Lightkeeper Recruitment arc to not have its progress saved properly
  • Croaker recruitment arc no longer spawns Tekno Wreckage locations at the old Teknogaunt boss location, which would yield in an incompletable quest
  • Search locations for both parts of the Lightkeeper Recruitment arc in Chapter 6 were restricted to avoid them spawning in invalid locations like Mondopincer

Final Boss

  • Reduce the number of cycles required to complete
  • Increase the hit-box size for the boss’ weak point
  • Increased stun time for the final boss if it collides with an obstacle during its main attack
  • Boss’ attack has a slower movement speed to give a fairer chance of avoiding it

General Improvements

  • Add gameplay option for “Camera Auto Center”, if disabled the camera will no longer automatically recenter behind the player boat after a period of no camera input
  • Add mist walls on the southern, east, and west boundaries of the world to prevent people getting lost in the infinite emptiness of the Deepblue
  • More accurate placement of the mist walls, previously it had bad logic that could cause it to cut off portions of the play area that it shouldn’t have, now it should not do this
  • Allow more freedom of camera movement within the local area map view, in addition to default centering the map on the player
  • If your boat somehow ends up with no crew, it will be populated with default crew on load (this shouldn’t happen to begin with, but this is a fail-safe)
  • Fix bug that caused duplication of Light Prisms when failing a Lighthouse encounter
  • Fix missing string in Rumors tab for the first Deadrock location in Sandy Shores
  • Some perf improvements for snowy/eclipse areas
  • Disable collision damage between boats in player fleet

Version 1.2.0

Lightkeeper Fixes

  • Fix a soft lock at end of Kraken boss fight
  • Flagship is properly available ins hop after kraken is defeated and ship is added to player fleet if there is room
  • Fix soft lock in Lightkeeper recruitment arc when giving Bello the Aurora Lantern

Moontide Fixes

  • Fix to end of moontide intro encounter when the barnacle ship didn’t properly despawn and triggered aggro from player fleet while underwater
  • Fix positioning of Nausicca NPC after the bubble spell on her is broken
  • Moontide weapons do bonus damage to barnacle enemies

Anglewrangler Fixes

  • Fix broken map icon for Angler bibblebait search area
  • Fix broken fishing mini-game when catching wranglerfish at end of Angler recruitment arc

Other Encounter Fixes

  • Fixes to race: Player fleet is re-positioned behind the starting line to avoid collisions
  • Fixes to croakers: Croaker subs are no longer interactable before they finish surfacing
  • Fixes to photo encounter: NPC no longer interactable after completion, encounter properly marked as completed in save data
  • Fix for possible softlock in Marga boss fight if the player boarded Marga’s ship before the cutscene began
  • Add additional guidance to lead player to Marga in chapter 1: tutorial skill fort has a map fragment pointing to the deadrock
  • Hide player fleet during final boss chase sequences
  • Fix glimmerfist not spawning by Admiral Picklepea in end scene

UI fixes and improvements

  • Items in shop show how many are currently in player inventory
  • Recover ship screen properly shows ship custom names in list and also shows ship stats
  • Sell raise / trim UI have a single icon to represent them (removes the sail trim icon)
  • Add comparison values with current player boat in purchase boat screen
  • Hold to press buttons play a sound while being activated
  • Show item stats and remaining pearl count in Shell Shop
  • Hold cycle next / prev for a second to activate “Quick fleet selection” mode

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Balance changes to weapon stats across the board, especially dual gun / cannon and gatling guns
  • Balance changes to boat stats across the board, more stat distance between small / medium / large
  • Fix upside down sail decals across all boats
  • Boats are easier to bring to a stop, especially smaller boats
  • The shark is properly photographable and is no longer identified as an Orca
  • Add gameplay option ‘Fleet Friendly Fire’, when disabled ships within your fleet can no longer hit each other with their weapons
  • AI ships will avoid firing at their target if they think a friendly is in the line of fire
  • Available item count at merchants increases as player unlocks more, instead of being locked at 3

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