IGN shares slideshow of new Super Nintendo World Hollywood photos

A sneak peek at the Mushroom Kingdom

14 January 2023
by quence 1

Super Nintendo World is getting ready for its big debut at Universal Studios Hollywood, and still more news outlets are getting the opportunity to take it for a test run. IGN was the latest outlet to do so, and now they’ve posted a full slideshow of images to whet your appetite for opening day. In total there are 51 new images to browse here, including lots of statues and decorations around the park, and some delicious looking entrees from Toadstool Cafe.

Click here to look through all the photos and details, and stay tuned for more sneak peeks!


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When it comes to food at Universal, I'm still mad about the time I went to Krusty Burger for lunch (it's basically a real-life Simpsons joke). But the menu items here seem...respectable, I guess? The prices are more what I'd associate with an upscale downtown shopping area than theme park upcharging. Will have to see how Mushroom Kingdom cuisine holds up to scrutiny.

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