Dawn of the Monsters launched for Switch a few weeks back, and we absolutely loved it. Hopefully you guys are enjoying the game as well, as that could pave the way for a squel.

In an interview with VGChartz, 13AM Games’ Alex Rushdy was asked about the potential for a Dawn of the Monsters sequel. It certainly seems like there’s interest, but it all depends on how well the initial installment sells.

We tend to prefer working on fresh new ideas, but I would personally love to work on a sequel to Dawn. At the end of the day, if there’s enough sales and demand for a sequel we are happy to do it!

[Alex Rushdy, 13AM Games]

Looking to learn more about Dawn of the Monsters? You can get a ton of detail on this 13AM Games/WayForward project from our developer interview!

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2y ago

Can't wait to play this! But I have to wait for the LRG release!