Layer Section and Galactic Attack S-Tribute coming to Switch

Bring a classic arcade game into your home!

02 April 2022
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Taito has announced that they’re officially bringing their 1995 vertical shooter RayForce to the Nintendo Switch. Of course, this is the home console version of RayForce, known as Layer Section. This new edition of the game also features a bevy of new features and options, plus the overseas version of the game called Galactic Attack, hence the catchy title, Layer Section and Galactic Attack S-Tribute! It’ll be available on Nintendo Switch April 28, 2022, so you won’t have to wait much longer to try it for yourself. Check out the official site for more details, or read a summary of the game’s features below.

Released in 1995 by Taito, Layer Section is the home console version of the arcade game RayForce, a vertical shooting game. Players control X-RAY, a mobile weapon equipped with lock-on lasers and battle against the Con-Human system for the survival of humankind. You can also play Galactic Attack, the overseas release of Layer Section. Enjoy the enhanced BGM of the home console game in stereo sound in this title. The remixed main melodies are tastefully different from their arcade versions!

Useful Features and Options

  • Rewind gameplay a by certain amount of time and resume.
  • Slow game pace down with a single button press.
  • Save game state at any point. Up to three slots available.
  • Play your favorite stages with your favorite settings.
  • Rapid-firing can now go faster than the original home console version (15/second -> 30/second).
  • Insert up to 99 credits and play at leisure without worrying about continues.
  • Play at a constant minimum or maximum difficulty, which increases when certain conditions are met.
  • Screen Orientation: For arcade mode. Optimized for portrait screen orientation.
  • Scan Lines: Mimics the nostalgic CRT monitor display.
  • Online Ranking: Switch to online ranking mode in settings to enter your score into the online leaderboards and check how you compare with others.

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