DLC for Mario Party Superstars Incoming?

Hopefully not so board anymore...

07 March 2022
by kissmyflapjack 6

The cries for DLC in Mario Party Superstars began within the community not even a month after the game was out, and those cries have only gotten louder in the days and weeks since. The game has been received well, but the low number of boards has been a point of contention. Now, it looks like there is some hope that those pleas are being heard.

A reddit user passed along a Nintendo survey that asked: “Next time you buy a downloadable content pack, which one are you most likely to buy?”. The five options included Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe… and Mario Party Superstars (along with Hot Wheels and a “none of the above” choice).

Given that two of those three choices have DLC currently available or already announced, that leaves hope sitting squarely with Superstars. Would you be interested in additional boards for the game, or do you think this is just wishful thinking?

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Comments (6)


2y ago

Let's hope it does get some DLC. They knocked it out of the park in this game and with its online mode too that it'd be a shame if it didn't get any.


2y ago

I bought this on release day and I still play it once in a while but it definitely does need new DLC. I'm fine with the mini-games, but some new boards to play one would be nice.


2y ago

New DLC would be great. I'd like a new mode or two, though.


2y ago

If it’s free, sure. Otherwise pass. Build your games as completed products for day one. Superstars lacked boards, so this slimy move was predictable.


2y ago

Yes Superstars is my favorite Mario Party and I really want to see more classic boards from Mario Party 2 and 3 released. I'd buy tons of extra boards


2y ago

Paid DLC is would be cool, of course free is great, but id rather have the quality content that paid would provide. 20 bucks for 5 gamecube boards, and maybe it will be tacked on to NSO like other dlcs