Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless was released on the Switch just a few days ago in Japan. In order to get some more insight into the game’s features and development, Gematsu sat down with the game’s director Shunsuke Minowa for an interview. Minowa elaborates on many of the game’s new features, including its Ranked Battles and how they make use of the Demonic Intelligence system.

“The current ranked battle system was never developed to be a substitute for online battles.

The ‘Demonic Intelligence’ system, along with the autoplay feature, was a controversial system, but I thought ‘Demonic Intelligence’ itself had some interesting potential applications. In the previous iteration, there was little room for user creativity when using the default setting, as the process was automated and mostly just a matter of time, so when we thought about how to improve upon that, we decided to try two new things this time around.

One was, in order to optimize Demonic Intelligence for the shortest possible clearing times, we introduced a cost. The other, was ranked battles against actual opponents, which was introduced under the pretense that everyone could fully enjoy the functionality of Demonic Intelligence, which allows for more control.

As for real-time battles, we think it would be difficult to make them interesting within the Disgaea battle system framework as it is now, but if any good ideas do come along, we would be open to exploring them.”

[Shunsuke Minowa, Gematsu]

Hopefully, Disgaea fans will be satisfied with this execution of the battle system. You can try it out right now, if you’re able to play the Japanese version of the game! Otherwise, Disgaea 7 is set for a Western release sometime this Fall.

Click here to read the full interview, with details about other features such as Jumbification and Item Reincarnation. Stay tuned for more details, and an exact launch date.

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