Switch Joy-Cons found to work as a makeshift Wii Sensor Bar

You never know when this could come in handy!

31 January 2023
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Nowadays, we have the luxury of using motion controls without any pesky sensor bars being required, but back in the Wii era, you couldn’t make use of the Wii remote’s pointer functionality without one. In actuality, the sensor bar was a pretty simple piece of tech, sending a signal using infra-red LEDs. You could even recreate the effect with a couple of candles if your sensor bar went missing.

Well, now there’s yet another way to enjoy Wii motion controls without the use of a sensor bar. As discovered by Twitter user @TuAmigoRoberto_, two Joy-Cons placed in front of your TV will mimic the original sensor bar’s effects, allowing you to use a Wii remote with the system as intended. Making this work will require you to set the Joy-Cons up properly in a separate game such as Game Builder Garage or Nintendo LABO. It’s pretty cool to see Nintendo’s old and new tech working together in harmony!

Originally, this discovery was made in response to Nintendo Life’s prediction that Wii games could come to the Switch at some point. While there’s nothing like that officially announced, it does seem like the Joy-Cons could be used to make it possible in a pinch! See it in action via the tweet below.

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