Kirby's Dream Land Handy Mops now available for pre-order

What a cool new copy ability!

04 February 2023
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Kirby has a lot of talents to begin with, and now he’s adding house cleaning to his repertoire. A new set of Kirby’s Dream Land Handy Mop items are now available for pre-order via Play-Asia. These are miniature mop-style cleaners, designed to pick up dirt and dust from around your desk or other areas.

One mop features Kirby, while the other features Waddle Dee. Both cost $17.99 and are expected to ship on May 31, 2023. Click here to order one for yourself, and see below for more details.

Introducing Kirby’s cute three-dimensional handy mop! Catches microscopic dust and dirt with static electricity power. Recommended for cleaning around the desk. The mopping part is removable.

  • Material: Polyester, PP
  • Size: Approx. Mop: H120 x W120 x 65mm
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.

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