After the failure of the Wii U to find an audience, Nintendo needed a hit piece of hardware. In came the Switch, and it fit the bill and then some.

There’s no doubt Nintendo is absolutely thrilled with just how well the Switch has done so far, but even they have to be surprised by how much a juggernaut the platform is. According to Nintendo’s latest financial report, the Switch has managed to sell a whopping 122.55 million units worldwide, and it’s done so before its 6th birthday.

Where does that put the Switch in the pantheon of Nintendo hardware? Believe it or not, that gives it the second place podium when compared to every other Nintendo console and portable. With this latest sales update, the Switch has officially surpassed the Game Boy’s 118.69 million units sold. This means all that’s left for the Switch to topple is the final boss.

The Nintendo DS sits at an incredible 154.02 million units sold worldwide. Without a doubt, the Switch is within striking distance. The question is, does Nintendo have the software to push Switch to that monumental achievement? There’s a 32+ million gap to close, and Sony/Microsoft competition is hitting hard. Do you think the Switch can pull it off?

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1+ y ago

I think they can pull it off. If the Switch maintains a slow burn even after the next console releases it’ll happen.