This past week, Nintendo confirmed a longstanding rumor about Switch by adding both Game Boy and Game Boy Advance collections to the Switch. Those with Switch Online accounts can enjoy Game Boy games, while Switch Online Expansion Pack members can fire up Game Boy Advance games as well.

Both of these services launched with a considerable amount of games, and Nintendo even teased some of the titles that are coming down the pipeline. Of course, fans are eager to know just when those will arrive. Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t seem to have an answer for that.

Axios’ Stephen Totilo reached out to Nintendo for more information on when more GB/GBA games will head to Switch. Nintendo responded by saying that there is “no set schedule for new releases,” but did reconfirm that the libraries will expand. It’s certainily good to know more games are coming, but a bit disappointing that they’ll be dropped whenever Nintendo feels like it.

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1+ y ago

There are so many great GB/GBC and GBA games that I hope Nintendo released new games at a decent cadence.

I do wonder if they’ll release Pokémon games like they did on 3DS and, if they do, will they do work for Pokémon Home support like they did with Bank.


1+ y ago

This is the same general policy they state for Switch Online as a whole. In other words: A non-statement. They come out like the rest come out.


1+ y ago

This has always been one of the worst parts of NSO game rollouts. Every few months we'll get a small handful of mostly obscure games--makes it hard to look forward to.


1+ y ago

Translation: "Same time as everything else: whenever the heck we feel like it."