Dokapon Kingdom: Connect's online play has been detailed

The game's out in the West this Spring

16 February 2023
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Dokapon Kingdom: Connect, a remaster of the PS2 and Wii classic that combines the party game and JRPG genres, is out on April 13th in Japan and some time this spring in the West, and, ahead of its upcoming launch, publisher Compile Hearts and developer Sting have released a new trailer and new details about its newly added online mode. You can watch the trailer above, and get the full rundown of the newly released details below.

Save in the Middle of a Game

Online games will auto-save as you play, but they can also be manually saved or suspended just like you would when playing offline, so you can play through Story Mode or weeks-long games together without worry.

Disconnected? Regroup in an Instant!

If a player gets disconnected, a room will be automatically created so that each participant can rejoin the group.

Hand Control Over to COM at Any Time

During a game, you can hand control over to COM (the computer) at any time during your turn. Since COM will automatically play as your character after you leave, this is handy feature for whenever you have to leave a game, but want to let the other players continue playing.

Bring in Guests with Just One Switch

In online games, up to three players can join the game using just one Switch. This is a handy feature for group games, so be sure to make use of it.

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