A few days ago, we learned of the existence of an official Splatoon 3 art book and soundtrack coming to Japan. Now, both those items are available for pre-order via Play Asia. There’s still no word on any kind of localization, so for now, this is probably your best bet to get your hands on these items if you’re outside of Japan.

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The 3rd volume of “Ikasu Art Book” is the largest volume in the series, 400 pages!

An art book of “Splatoon 3” that men and women of all ages are excited to paint is now available. We will deliver a full range of contents such as setting proposals for live creatures such as squid and octopus, concept art for Bankara town and new battle stages, animation storyboards for hero mode, beautiful illustration galleries, and more. If you read the report of the familiar squid researcher every time, you may be able to think about ikaru more!

The latest hit tune from the squid and octopus world is here.

A 4-disc set of original soundtracks featuring music from the Nintendo Switch(TM) game software “Splatoon 3”!

“Clickbait”, the representative song of the three-piece band “C-Side” that represents the Bangkala region, and the rock band “Front Roe”, which suddenly jumped to the front row of the hit charts, and the band “Busy・Tentacles” produced by themselves. Vacation feat. Tentacles” and other bands that liven up the territorial battles, and the squid and octopus that plays in this work, such as the festival number “Bantaku Mix Modern” by the mischievous bad boy trio “Surimi Rengo” that colors the festival. It is a large volume album of 4 discs containing plenty of popular songs in the world.

In addition, all the live sound sources of Surimi Union and Shio Colors, including MC, are recorded at “Banka Live” held at “Nintendo Live 2022” in October 2022.

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