In Kyoto, the former headquarters of Nintendo has been renovated to be a hotel. The hotel, titled “Marufukoro”, has sought to keep Nintendo’s history as a card business alive through items decorating the business. The hotel’s building is made up of the former headquarters as well as the estate of the president, Yamauchi.

The hotel hosts rooms, a restaurant, a lounge, and a library. Currently, a double room reservation is at a 10% discount for $700 a night. You can also check out this article with a video tour of the new hotel.

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2y ago

$700 a night!? And that's with a 10% discount. You'd want to be mad and/or loaded to pay that money. That's the price of 2 OLED Switch's duct taped together. 😉


2y ago

They should think about honoring some of Nintendo's other business ventures. Add a baseball diamond, have some of their ultra toys set up, convert part of the building to be used as a love hotel.