Fire Emblem Heroes has released an update, bringing the title up to version 6.4.0. The patch notes offer a range of changes to various systems and mechanics, including tweaks to Aether Raids, The Coliseum, new Combat Manuals, and much more.

Along with mechanical changes and additions, version 6.4.0 also brings about various changes to graphics and artwork, both for the UI and for characters. The changes come for the sake of ease-of-use and design consistency, and examples are provided in the full patch notes below.

The full patch notes can be seen below, via Nintendo Everything:

The Coliseum is being updated

○ Arena Assault is being updated.

With the season starting 4/12/2022 12:00 p.m.(PT), Arena Assault will be renamed Arena Assault+ and will introduce the following changes.

The tactical retreat feature will be added to Arena Assault+. If you lose a battle or surrender during a chain of battles, the battle will be treated as a tactical retreat up to two times per chain. When a tactical retreat occurs, your chain of wins is not ended, and you can advance to the next battle with your score unchanged. If you reset your chain or start a new one from the beginning, your tactical retreats will once again be available for use. There is no limit to how many times you can use this feature per season.

Dragonflowers will be added to Arena Assault+ rank rewards. In addition to the existing lineup of rewards, you will be able to earn Dragonflowers based on your performance.

What’s more, a chain reward will be added that rewards you with Dragonflowers for your first win, your second win in a row, and your third win in a row each season.

The type of Dragonflowers available as rank rewards and chain rewards will change each season.

○ Arena Bonus Heroes are being updated.

With the season starting 4/19/2022 12:00 p.m.(PT), of the 10 Bonus Heroes who appear, certain currently available Bonus Heroes will be swapped out on a weekly basis. Recently released New Heroes, Special Heroes, Legendary Heroes, and Mythic Heroes will continue to be swapped out on a biweekly basis. With this change, the Bonus Hero preview notification will be posted every week instead of every two weeks.

New Memento Events are being added to Heroes Journey ○ New Memento Events are being added.

■ The lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals is being updated

With the release of Ver. 6.4.0, players will be able to obtain Divine Codes (Ephemera 4) from events and exchange them from an updated lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals using the Compile Combat Manual feature.

Divine Codes (Ephemera 4) will be able to be exchanged for the following Combat Manuals:


Notes: ・ The Combat Manuals added in this update can be compiled until 5/27/2022 11:59 p.m.(PT) ・ Divine Codes (Ephemera 4) may be obtained from events that begin after the release of Ver. 6.4.0, while Divine Codes (Ephemera 3) may continue to be obtained from events that began before the release of Ver. 6.4.0.

■ New weapons to refine are being added

The following weapons will be able to be upgraded or gain additional special effects by using Arena Medals and Divine Dew:

Aversa’s Night Hero who can learn this skill: Aversa: Dark One

Hawk King Claw Hero who can learn this skill: Tibarn: Lord of the Air

Sylgr Hero who can learn this skill: Ylgr: Fresh Snowfall

Foxkit Fang Hero who can learn this skill: Selkie: Free Spirit

Veðrfölnir’s Egg Hero who can learn this skill: Veronica: Spring Princess

Note: To access the Weapon Refinery, you must clear Book I, Chapter 13 in the main story and then clear the second Intermission map, The Rite of Blades.

■ Aether Raids is being updated

○ Two structures are being added to Aether Raids.

The following structures are being added to the trap and decoy-trap categories:

・ Hex Trap ・ False Hex Trap (decoy version of Hex Trap)

Hex Trap has the following effect: If foe ends movement on this structure’s space and foe’s HP ≤ X, cancels the foe’s attack, Assist skill, etc. and ends that foe’s action. (Magic traps cannot be disarmed by Disarm Trap skills.) X = structure’s level × 5 + 35.

In Ver. 6.4.0, Hex Trap can be upgraded to a maximum level of 4.

○ Aether Resort is being updated.

・ Two new songs are being added to the Concert Hall: “A New Journey” from the Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem game and “Serenity” from the Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia game.

■ Summoner Duels is being updated

○ A new Captain Skill is being added. ・Mass Confusion

Captain Skill Effects ・Mass Confusion Grants Atk+5 to captain during combat. At start of turns 2-5, if any foe is adjacent to another foe, inflicts Atk/Def/Res-7 on that foe through its next action.

Note: The new Captain Skill will be able to be used in the season beginning 4/12/2022 12:00 p.m.(PT)

○ You will be able to increase your Favor Level to level 1,800.

This will be in effect with the season starting 4/12/2022 12:00 p.m.(PT)

■ Mjölnir’s Strike is being updated

○ A mechanism will have its level cap increased.

・ Ebon Summoner: up to level 5

■ Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails

The following Heroes will be available to summon using Heroic Grails:

・ Lissa: Sweet Celebrant ・ Gonzalez: Kindly Bandit

■ Other Changes

○ The Merge Allies screen is being updated.

To prevent players from unintentionally merging a lower-rarity Hero into a higher-rarity one, the Merge Allies screen (accessible by tapping Allies, then Ally Growth, then Merge Allies) will be updated to prevent players from merging a source ally into a target ally if the source ally’s rarity is lower than the target ally’s rarity.


○ The art for Azura: Hatari Duet is being adjusted.

The art for the following pose will be adjusted to better match previous depictions of Leanne.

■ Before


■ After


That’s all the news about the update! We hope you continue to enjoy playing Fire Emblem Heroes.

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