Pokémon anime preview highlights new protagonists' mysterious items

Any Pokémon professors wanna solve this one?

23 February 2023
by quence 0

The current Pokémon anime arc is going to bid Ash farewell, and introduce a new set of protagonists to the series. We still have a while to wait for the premiere of that new series, but a couple of new promotional images are giving us a preview. Both new characters seem to have a signature mysterious item in their possession.

Above, you can see the new character Roy from Kanto with a strange Pokéball of some kind, and below, Liko from Paldea, with some type of shiny pendant.


What these two objects signify, we’ll have to wait to find out. Could the Pokéball have special properties, or be used to hold a very special kind of Pokémon? Does Liko’s pendant have magical powers, or is it just a nifty accessory? Stay tuned as more info trickles in.

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