Pikmin Bloom St. Patrick's Day Event Detailed, Begins March 1st

We're up all day to get lucky...Pikmin!

25 February 2023
by alecandstuff 1

Niantic has announced that 2023 will be seeing the return of Pikmin Bloom’ s St. Patrick’s Day event and it will feature items themed around clovers, meaning you’ll even be able to earn Pikmin with clovers on their heads, including those of the 4 leaf variety if you’re lucky enough!

This year, the event will be split into 2 different parts. The first part begins on March 1st, and will feature 30 different missions to complete. Finishing these missions will reward you with varying amounts of Gold Seedling packets, which are used for aiding in sprouting the limited time clover Pikmin. It’s important to earn as many of these as you can before part 2 begins on March 17th, as they’ll be useful in completing battles against fungi that sprout all over the map, and the more clover Pikmin you have for these fights, the better!

Check out all the details of these missions and the rewards for completing them below!


Part 1 Event Missions

Mission 1: Plant 1500 yellow-colored flowers

Mission 2: Plant 1500 red-colored flowers

Mission 3: Defeat 5 mushrooms★

Mission 4: Plant 1500 blue-colored flowers

Mission 5: Plant 1500 white-colored flowers

Mission 6: Defeat 5 mushrooms★

Mission 7: Plant 1500 windflowers

Mission 8: Plant 4000 flowers

Mission 9: Grow 6 Pikmin★

Mission 10: Plant 2000 yellow-colored flowers

Mission 11: Plant 2000 red-colored flowers

Mission 12: Defeat 5 mushrooms★

Mission 13: Plant 2000 blue-colored flowers

Mission 14: Plant 2000 blue windflowers

Mission 15: Grow 6 Pikmin★

Mission 16: Plant 3000 white-colored flowers

Mission 17: Plant 2000 white windflowers

Mission 18: Defeat 5 mushrooms★

Mission 19: Plant 3000 yellow-colored flowers

Mission 20: Plant 2000 yellow windflowers

Mission 21: Grow 6 Pikmin★

Mission 22: Plant 3000 red-colored flowers

Mission 23: Plant 2000 red windflowers

Mission 24: Defeat 5 mushrooms★

Mission 25: Plant 3000 blue-colored flowers

Mission 26: Plant 2000 blue windflowers

Mission 27: Grow 6 Pikmin★

Mission 28: Plant 5000 flowers

Mission 29: Plant 3000 windflowers

Mission 30: Defeat 5 mushrooms★

  • Every three missions, you will receive a gold seedling that will become a Four-Leaf Clover Decor Pikmin (See missions marked with a ★)
  • The part 1 event missions will be available from Wednesday, March 1, until the end of the event on Friday, March 31.
  • All postcards your Pikmin bring back from expeditions during the event will have a St. Patrick’s Day design.
  • The shop will be stocked with Mii costumes perfect for St. Patrick’s Day during the event. Be sure to wear green and join the party! (You can use coins to redeem Mii Costumes until March 31)

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Mission 14 is not Blue. It is any Windflower