A new set of tera raids came to Pokémon Scarlet And Violet this week after they were revealed in the latest Pokémon Direct. Unfortunately, these raids were also accompanied by an unusual glitch that locked some players out of completing them.

As a result of Scarlet and Violet’s matchmaking system, some players were able to access the new raids without updating their game to the latest patch. Normally, finishing the raid successfully should reward players with a new version of Suicune or Virizion. In this instance however, they instead received what is commonly known as a “Bad Egg”, a useless Pokémon egg that can’t be hatched or gotten rid of. This glitch also locked those players out from attempting to catch the Pokémon again, even after updating.

The good news is that The Pokémon Company is aware of this glitch, and is working on a fix for the future. As of now, players are required to download the latest update data before accessing any raids, but this won’t help players who were previously affected. Hopefully, things get remedied sooner rather than later.


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1y ago

Will it take them 4 months like this last patch?


1y ago

This is weird since the game explicitly told me to update to the newest version. Did those players just skip the message?