Nintendo fans are some of the most dedicated out there, following the company throughout all their games for decades. Another fiercely dedicated fanbase are the sneakerheads, who love to collect sneakers old and new, recognizing them as a unique way to show appreciation for art and fashion.

We’re now seeing the two fandoms mentioned above combined through the work of Andrew Chiou, and artist who’s using sneakers as his canvas to pay tribute to the franchises of Nintendo. For example, the sneakers above have been given a Super Mario makeover, and they’re filled with all sorts of color schemes and imagery Nintendo fans will no doubt appreciate.

That’s not the only Nintendo-related franchise Chiou has paid tribute to, with the gallery above featuring four different pairs of sneakers themed after Pokémon. Can you figure out which Pokémon they were inspired by before reading the captions?

Chiou’s Instagram is chock-full of sneaker tributes to gaming and more, and there’s no doubt plenty of designs you’ll recognize. Have a look through his body of work here.


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1+ y ago

Christ almighty this is hard to look at.