Even though we’re two decades past the original release of The Simpsons: Hit & Run on the GameCube, the game is still remembered very fondly by legions of gamers and Simpsons fans alike. Even now, a dedicated fan has taken on the task of working on an HD remake, but what about an official revamp? Apparently the original game’s lead dev would be keen on that.

GamesRadar spoke to The Simpsons: Hit & Run lead game designer Joe McGinn to see what he thought about all the love and support the game is seeing twenty years after its released. McGinn remains proud of the work he did on the title, but he’s quite surprised so many remember the game fondly nowadays.

“Hit & Run is still the highest rated Simpsons game ever made, according to Metacritic. And if I sound proud of that, yeah I am a bit. I am very surprised and pleased that people still love the game. I gave a talk to some high school kids about my computer science career the other day, and I was amazed that some of them had played Hit & Run. They weren’t even born when it came out!”

[The Simpsons: Hit & Run lead game designer Joe McGinn ]

While McGinn hasn’t heard a peep about an official remake, he did say he would ‘love to’ see it. Both him and fans feel the same way, so let’s hope the higher-ups involved with licensing take the hint and greenlight this project!

In another portion of the interview, McGinn spoke about the influences behind The Simpsons: Hit & Run. It’s not surprising that both Grand Theft Auto and Driver were inspirations for the title, but there’s a third game included in that group you might not expect!

“The other influence was Super Mario 64. That’s the ‘kids’ part… taking all the nasty out of GTA and replacing it with platforming. And mechanically Mario 64 was the best platformer that had been made by that time, where we learned a lot about character control and camera.”

[The Simpsons: Hit & Run lead game designer Joe McGinn]

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I'd love to see a remake, too. It was a great game, and now stands as a window into the era when The Simpsons was a great show.

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